I will try to make this brief, because I have so much to say on the subject and yet at this moment it would be inappropriate to elaborate to the degree I will when the time is right; suffice it to say I have a sort of grand cosmology I’m developing which will elaborate the nature of our “Universe.”

At any rate, one feature of it is this simple precept, which I have held since the very beginnings of the discovery of the “Mandela Effect.”* I had been involved in the communities posting about this phenomenon on the Internet from the earliest stages, and so naturally concordant with my general philosophical worldview as it seemed intuitively to be, I immediately arrived at my own hypothesis as to an explanation for the mechanism.

Since I said I would make this brief, I will not attempt to describe the mechanism herein, but rather suffice it to simply say: reality is not what anyone thinks. Of course not, by the very nature of the problem. Whatever it is, it is far beyond us. So too our explanations will come fundamentally short to elaborate it, whatever names we give and however complex their elucidations.

Moreover, the Christian Bible is true. By that I do not mean what many mean, that you are to take the account of Genesis creation in 6,000 years and other such things as being necessarily literal — that is far too insulting a proposition to the monumentally intricate and cosmically beautiful poetry that is the Pentateuch, the Hebrew Torah, and the Christian New Testament (just read Ecclesiastes; I am a good writer, but I could not have written such poetry.)

As the Christ himself spake in parables, so too did the prophets of old, and the Biblical account is riddled with layers of contextual depth and allegorical meaning. But it is nonetheless true. And also important, and central, to that Christian religion, is the idea of faith.

Now, it is clear to the casual observer that the condition of mankind at this day leaves much to be desired; there are many ills which perturb us; it is plain to see — whatever your political, religious, or philosophical worldviews — that things are becoming crazy, and the velocity of that crazy seems to be accelerating. Our very comprehension of the concept of morality is being probed and challenged each waking second. This can be agreed whatever your own personal morality may be.

But I will say this, then: for as much as I know the Bible to be a truth, then the explanation for the Mandela Effect is simply that it is a signal. It is a signal to the people who have ears to hear, who have eyes to see, that we are approaching some vast cosmic conclusion at an exceedingly and increasingly rapid rate.

With that in mind, a short story which, while entirely anecdotal, I implore you to trust me — it is entirely true, and, no, our house doesn’t have a natural gas leak or anything of that nature, and I am not on any medications or drugs, and nor do I have any diagnosed mental illnesses. Have faith. If you are a believer, then one Christian brother to another, these words are truth. And I fear I have set myself up with that preamble to disappoint some of you with the big reveal of the story, for it is very simple, but … it just cannot be accounted for, if you will believe me, in any way, that this thing did not actually happen, and, to me, this in itself constitutes one of the aforementioned signals.

So, this morning, I had been up very late and very tired, but I knew that I had a lot I wanted to get done today, and so resolved to take a short nap. I laid down at about 9AM or so, and expected to get up a few hours later at the most. So when I woke up and looked at my alarm clock and it read 6:20PM or about there, I was confused — surprised that I had slept that long, and so hurried up to get ready because I had things I needed to do. In my hurries I walked through the kitchen, and I briefly glanced at the clock on the stove. It read: 1:11.

Now, I had just seen the clock next to my bed displaying something in the 6:20s. I don’t recall the specific time as that wasn’t entirely important, but it was about half past six, which was far too late for me to get everything I really wanted to do done, so this I noted very well. And I looked at the clock for a time, even. I was not still partially asleep, or experiencing sleep paralysis of any form (I have had sleep paralysis many times in the past and am well aware of how that is.)

Subsequent to looking at the clock on the stove, I naturally thought that this couldn’t be right, so went back to my bedroom. The clock read: 1:11. I went to my desktop computer. 1:11.

That is the end of this … what should have been a much shorter post probably, and I even said I wanted to be brief, but I do tend to become long winded when I am truly inspired. And I am inspired to tell all of you: It has been said many, many times in the past. It really has, I’m well aware. But I believe, as a Christian, with the approaching technological singularity and the moral conundrums we observe in the world around us today, the denouement of the grand, ultimate cosmic battle of good and evil, is nigh. And so then my message to you is — if you are already a believer, then keep believing, for you will soon be vindicated. These signs we observe, they are for you. They are for us. For those who have ears to hear, and those who have eyes to see. They are not given for the wicked. But even as Christ loved the man who placed the crown of thorns upon His head, He loves you, too, whether you are a believer or not. Time is short.

* I will briefly note a cute little truth. When posting this writing to my website, I decided to add a hyper-link describing “the Mandela Effect,” for those who may not be familiar with the term. Naturally my go-to source for enyclopedic knowledge is Wikipedia. But Wikipedia, it seems, sees it unfit for such a topic to have its own entry in the enyclopedia. Instead, the idea must be relegated to some obscure subsection of a page about “false memories.” To those who have eyes, this should affirm your faith.

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