A Forced Synchronicity Rounds the Earth

That was strange. I just got out of bed and soon after started to look at the internets on my desktop PC, when I realized that somehow the time on my computer’s clock had gotten an hour ahead. Well, I realized there was a discrepancy between that time and the one shown by the alarm clock near my bed, anyway. I didn’t know which was the right one, so I decided to check Time.gov just for the heck of it. (Then shortly afterward synchronized Windows’s clock over NTP.)

Funnily enough, only yesterday I watched the Deleted InfoWars Interview with Eddie Bravo about “The Flat Earth Conspiracy,” and, more recently in general, I had been variously skimming resources concerning arguments either in favor or in opposition to this whole idea which seems to have cropped up in increasing degrees over the past year or two. I had the video Eddie mentions, “The History of Flat Earth,” by Eric Dubay, queued to watch this morning. I have yet to do that. Time.gov got in the way momentarily.

Because what I saw, plainly displayed on that simple page in a crappy, low-resolution JPEG, on a website that looks like it was designed in Microsoft Frontpage in 1997, more clearly and concisely demonstrated that the Earth had to be round, than any of the myriad other arguments I’d mulled over in my never-ending consumption of this silly conspiracy insanity.

Light cones. One thing about this ordeal has always been clear to me: Personally, I’m a lot like a lawyer. I can find a way to rationalize anything if I really want to, and the guys making videos about “flat Earth” are no different. They always seem to have come up with an answer for 99 out of the 100 most common things you’d think to throw at them in this sort of debate. But those two simple words seemed to be enough. Light cones.

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