Motivation for Governments to Spend Twelve-Trillion Dollars on a Stupid Science Thing

Brief update: It should be mentioned that this article was originally written for a forum on Reddit relating to the Mandela Effect. Thus the point was to provide a plausible hypothesis to explain small changes in “timelines.”

If we are actually living in a computer simulation, like some think, then in or around 2012–or whenever the LHC first really went “live” smashing particles together–there could have been any number of effects like the common “time shift” some people in these sorts of circles talk about. I’m not up to speed on the latest conspiracy-theory-speak. But more importantly, if our Universe, or reality, or whatever, is like some sort of computer, then you could imagine these high energies causing something roughly analogous to a buffer overflow. It might be insubstantial. It might only overwrite some mostly meaningless bits of data in the program. Or perhaps the program is very robust and self-correcting in case of errors. It has been going “on” for a long time, after all. (Whatever that means.) Perhaps the 13.7 billion years or so beyond which we can’t look any further is simply the point in time when the program was instantiated. This would also seemingly imply that time is likely supranatural.

More important still, if the thinking elites–like Elon Musk and the people he mentions in all of those pop science articles–had been aware of this possibility all along, then they may have designed the machine with the intention of altering reality to their own ends. After all, these people created it largely with the intention of discovering the “God particle.” (That was somewhat tongue-in-cheek; I realize that’s not actually where the term comes from.)

But most probably, if this were in any way true, they would be grasping at straws, messing with something far beyond what they could comprehend, and causing all sorts of minor alterations to the timeline. Or something. This idea in general is probably not extremely original, but I hadn’t heard of it talked in this exact way.

Side note: Thirty minutes before thinking this up, I was lying in bed, having just awakened, and, for a brief moment, I glimpsed a little white dove right in front of my face. Its beak seemed to be pecking on the area roughly where my third eye would supposedly be. Like maybe it had been embedding something in my pineal gland. Lawl. It immediately began backing away from me–slowly at first, then at ever increasing speed, near instantaneously reaching something like light speed. And then vanished into the light. Sleep paralysis I’m sure. Or alien birds.

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