Article About Personal Hygiene and How it Relates to Depression

I had wondered for the longest time about how people kept their teeth in ancient or medieval times and such. Or cave-man times. And this will sound kind of gross to some, but I came across some Reddit thread about OKCupid, referencing how people were baffled that some didn’t brush more than twice daily.
Anyway.. I can easily imagine now, because I suddenly thought of it earlier when I woke up and actually either noticed–or more likely noticed and cared that my mouth was gross, because I am no longer in any way depressed, or at least 99.99% less so–that the biodiversity of the mouth’s uh, ecosystem, has entirely changed over time. Of course. It made sense. Their diets were likely extremely different. Not to make this a debate about the silly word “unnatural.” (What is unnatural?! How is that a possibility at all to exist?) Or GMOs or anything of that nature (pun un-intended.) I have my own opinions about that. And for posterity’s sake–to be clear–I do in fact hold a lot of conspiracy-theory-esque “beliefs,” that are actually not so much beliefs as logically demonstrable cases based upon fact and research I have accrued over time after actually looking in to so-called conspiracy theories. The origin and historicity of this term itself, conspiracy theories, is an entire can of worms for debate fodder about the nature of conspiracies and those who hold them, and how they are popularly received or accounted for in journalism, etc, but also admittedly sometimes heavily weighed by my natural intuition, which for other logically-argued positions outside the scope of the article herein I take as axioms that allow me to trust my intuition with what I perceive to be an accurate degree of rationality.
Those people preexisting modern civilization and sanitary practices, etc, etc, must have maintained diets consisting of “natural” and “organic” chemical compounds derived from unprocessed meats, fruits, vegetables, and grains. And they did so without consuming syrupy sodas which contained various preservatives and hydrogenated or processed food and vegetable oils, or whatever. (I am not a food chemist, nutritionist, biologist, or anything of this nature, obviously, so feel free to call me out for when I am talking out of my ass–this can easily happen when I speak on something outside of my expertise, but I am trying to be as thorough as I am able, afforded by my experience.) They may have ingested Ayahuasca teas or herbal teas and infusions. Perhaps natural essential oils, alcohols, or other fermented beverages, wine, and spirits, and things of that nature. But, as mentioned, the important detail is the changing evolution of the biodiversity of the mouth ecosystem. And, of course, this necessarily coincides with a call for differing practices over time. A natural learning curve. This is a theme I am noticing very consistently in almost every perceivable aspect of life that can be seen as constituting a problem to be dealt with, and the reasons thereof for said problems, evolving with the change of the world around it. That we must all maintain to be prudent in keeping our health and physicality.
And, of course, we will be “newbies,” even those of us who do go into dental hygiene, or are even at the prime of research on topics such as these, when we first begin making experiments with new ways to use technology and adapt to our own environment, to be more either more efficient or more complacent (whichever,) such that we maintain the kind of society and culture we wish to uphold and grow. So it was no wonder I had such a hard time understanding the concept! I had had a hard time learning a lot of new concepts, and the reason for this was mostly because I had had to spend years UNLEARNING old ones that were either present because of the natural entropy and decay of any kind of physical system, or because of power systems instituted for the entire purpose of keeping the average, lowest common denominator, from discovering and understanding these new concepts available to us, that were then taught to us in the institutions that had been created to this end.
I had been depressed. For some time going! And I had finally truly gotten over it in the biggest way. It was a long, hard battle. And it was a battle to learn a lot of things. Not because I was slow, or because I was, well, dumb, but because of the deck of cards stacked against me, whatever your beliefs about Tabula Rasa or genetic diversity and intellect and social ability, and conspiracy theories about societies and government and structures of power, and so on and so on. And so on.
But now that I’m not.. the solutions to my problem are simply clear. It was only ever a matter of doing the wrong thing, over and over, because I didn’t know any better, and the solution to the problem had been staring me in the face the entire time.

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