In The Flesh?: The Loss of Innocence and the Gaining of Concepts

(7:09:42 PM) daryl: so
(7:09:49 PM) daryl: what I’ve been thinking about lately a lot is
(7:09:59 PM) daryl: the lyrics to in the flesh?/in the flesh (mostly the former rather than the latter)
(7:10:16 PM) daryl: and the general concept of what it means to me
(7:10:37 PM) daryl: in my own terms from my own experience using those lyrics as a framework to think about the more abstract idea itself
(7:10:45 PM) daryl: which i guess i would summarize as something like
(7:11:20 PM) daryl: i think that innocence is the fundamental state of consciousness, where no concept exists or has been formed in the mind through its progression of experience
(7:11:33 PM) daryl: and that is the closest we can get to understanding the true nature of reality
(7:11:39 PM) daryl: and we possess that state by default
(7:11:47 PM) daryl: at the moment we are born or conceived or whatever
(7:12:05 PM) daryl: the moment of first consciousness as expressed physically, whereever or whatever that may be
(7:12:11 PM) daryl: and i think that as we grow and age
(7:12:42 PM) daryl: we absorb and create concepts that define and create out reality all the time and we get further from that purity of true understanding
(7:12:47 PM) daryl: by diluting it with abstractions
(7:12:54 PM) daryl: or something like that, i don’t know
(7:13:10 PM) daryl: but it’s always comforting and interesting to find my way back to what i remember thinking when i was 3-5
(7:13:15 PM) daryl: before i really thought anything of consequence
(7:13:30 PM) daryl: and i’m glad i still remember those moments of thinking, and that i had them, whether other people share that kind of similar experience or not
(7:13:36 PM) daryl: but my guess is they probably do
(7:13:54 PM) daryl: and simply forget them because they’re inconvenient or hard to deal with and replace them subsequently with all of the abstractions
(7:13:55 PM) daryl: of love
(7:13:56 PM) daryl: err
(7:13:57 PM) daryl: life
(7:14:04 PM) daryl: that become our reality over time


The lyrics, of course, to the referenced song entitled “In The Flesh?,” are copyright by Roger Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd, and published by Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd.

Edit: Updated link to reflect correct lyrics; specifically I am referring to the song literally entitled “In The Flesh?,” with question mark, which is song one on Side one of the original Pink Floyd album The Wall. There is a second song on the fourth side of the record echoing the theme presented therein from the first, which has similar elements but a different focus.


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