God Sings, Man Sings

In the beginning, there was the Logos, the Word. And the Word God was made flesh.

Music is the voice of humanity’s emotion. An electric guitar is a musical instrument which can transmit and receive different forms of man’s own song.

The guitar body itself is merely a vessel for the functioning of this process. On an electrical guitar, there are placed electromagnetic “pickups,” which serve as the mechanism for the transceiving of one form of the song of mankind.

Many electric guitars contain supplementary, or auxiliary pickups, which function as yet another mechanism facilitating the transception of our very own music. Among them may be acoustic pickups, or piezoelectric pickups, or other forms of pickups, some that pick up the separate forms of this music, such as acoustical vibrations, in contrast to the electromagnetic vibrations which constitute the core transceiving mechanism of an electric guitar’s apparatus serving the melody and harmony of its creator and user’s emotional whim.

The human body is a similar instrument to the acoustic-electric-etcetera guitar. Perhaps Walt Whitman had a Similar understanding of this idea.

There within the body (also a mere vessel) are placed pickups in very much the same vein of those you may find on the body of the human instrument’s musical sibling, the guitar. Only the human instrument consists in not the apparatus serving the melody and harmony of man, but rather man’s very own creator and user, I Am That I Am, Name Above All Names.

The ears and mouth transceive auxiliary acoustical vibrations, much like an acoustic pickup found on our guitar counterpart. But the central transmitting and receiving mechanism* does not concern itself with vibrations acoustic. Rather it is concerned also with electromagnetic vibrations, just as an electric guitar with auxiliary acoustical pickups. The music being played by ADONAI, EL, ELI, YHWH, EHEIEH, and a billion other names, is life itself. It consists in dark matter, or dark energy, permeating the entire Cosmos. Such energy may not be perceived directly by mankind, because mankind as instrument is an extension of the body of life itself, observing the emanations of its very own source.

Only a shadow can be seen, for to see mankind’s life giving blood, the light of the Holy Spirit, would be the same as seeing God himself.

* It should be mentioned that I consider the two eyes to be a different form of pickup as the ears, but the pineal gland to be the very central thing with respect to this particular instrument.